The Circular economy in the Mesopotamian Marshes: The Eden in Iraq Wastewater Garden Project

The Eden in Iraq Wastewater Garden is a water remediation project in southern Iraq which incorporates cultural and environmental art and treatment constructed wetland design.

The facility will provide urgently needed treatment of human wastewater to improve residents’ access to healthy water and prevent contamination of groundwater and the water of the marshes. The project utilizes simple natural mechanisms to accomplish sustainable wastewater recycling, in the process creating a public garden that embodies the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the marshes of the original Garden of Eden and current and future Marsh Arab communities, one of the world's oldest and most distinctive cultures.

The project combines a treatment system with a culturally significant garden by providing treated water and nutrients for plants, shrubs, and fruit trees historically linked to the region and valued by the Marsh Arabs. This project is being carried out by a mix of professionals from around the world and local stakeholders. UNESCO's recent designation of these Mesopotamian Marshes as a World Heritage Site will enable this ancient ecological and cultural jewel to be brought to the world's attention as it deserves. Them same technical

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